Michael Gaffney


Michael is a Ph.D. student in the Program in Literature. He earned a B.A. in American literature and German at Middlebury College in 2013. He is broadly interested in critical theory, environmental humanities, and twentieth-century literature in the United States and Europe. He is currently researching the historical development of environmental narratives in U.S. novels, science fiction, and film, and is particularly interested in representations of resource extraction, environmental destruction and disaster, species extinction, and eco-terrorism. 

Gaffney, M. "Review of 'Absolute Recoil' by Slavoj Žižek." Polygraph: An International Journal of Culture and Politics 25 (November 29, 2016): 181-188.

Gaffney, M. "Review of 'The Intimacies of Four Continents' by Lisa Lowe (Published online)." Journal of American Studies 50.4 (October 14, 2016): E71-E71.