Marxism & Society Certificate

Marxism word cloudDuke University is world renowned for innovations in Marxist theory and analysis. The Marxism and Society undergraduate certificate program brings together scholars from across campus and aims to help students explore Marxist analysis as a scholarly perspective and a research paradigm.  

Our Program

You will learn, first and foremost, how Marxism has influenced and shaped core concepts and disciplinary methods throughout the social sciences and humanities. The characteristics of Marxist history, for example, Marxist anthropology, Marxist cultural analysis, and Marxist feminist theory are highlighted, as well as the extent to which some of the primary concepts of Marxism, such as alienation, commodification, and exploitation, have become integrated into the main currents of the disciplines.

The primary outcome for students in the program, then, is to understand Marxism as a multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary scholarly perspective as well as to engage with its the foundational concepts. The certificate program also aims to give students basic familiarity with the history of Marxist political formations in countries such as China and the Soviet Union, as well as obtain a wide view of the historical context of European colonialism and capitalist development that constitute the object of Marxist analyses. Finally, students are encouraged to situate Marxism and Marx's thought in the context of the intellectual history from which it emerged, including German philosophy, British economics, and French politics. 

Benefits of this Certificate

The certificate is ideal for students who plan to go to law school, those who will do a graduate degree in the humanities or social sciences, and those who simply want to better understand how power in today's world works.