Certificate Requirements

About the Gateway Course

The gateway course, LIT 380 Marxism and Society, is offered every spring semester. This course offers a critical appraisal of Marxism as a scholarly methodology for understanding human societies. The basic concepts of historical materialism, as they have evolved and developed in historical contexts. Topics include sexual and social inequality, alienation, class formation, imperialism, and revolution. Core course for the program in Marxism and Society. Instructor: Michael Hardt 

About the Capstone Course

The capstone course, LIT 690-8 Paradigms in Modern Thought, is taught by Professor Fredric Jameson once per year (sometimes in the spring, sometimes in the fall semester).  The course will most often not focus on Marxism but will instead present a Marxist perspective on a specific theme or topic, including literary Modernism and post-structuralist French philosophy. In addition to attending Professor Jameson's lectures, the certificate students will also meet bi-weekly with a graduate Teaching Assistant from the Literature Program.  The primary goal of these meetings is to explore how the readings and Professor Jameson's lectures relate to Marxism and Marxist theory. Professor Jameson's course will be open to non-certificate students (and many of them will be graduate students), but these bi-weekly meetings will help make the capstone into a cohort experience for the Marxism and Society certificate students. Certificate students will write a final paper which Professor Jameson will grade.