Post-Digital Architecture

LIT 624S

Impact of advanced technology on conceptions of architectural design, new urban environments, & the body since the mid-1990s. Postmodernism & role of time-based new media, game environments & virtual worlds technologies in the rise of digital architecture from the late 1990s-2000s. Theoretical readings from Deleuze, Pask, Grosz, Massumi, Denari, Eisneman, Koolhaas, Lynn, Diller + Scofidio. Explores programs for post-digital architecture that integrate nano & biomimetic technologies, smart materials & protocells into self-organizing designs for living architecture & reflexive environments. Discuss how post-digital architecture will engage the work of Simondon, Spillers, Armstrong,others. Topics course. Instructor: Lenoir
Curriculum Codes
  • R
  • ALP
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  • ISS 624S
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