David Tierney

David Tierney

Literature Ambassador


Class of 2024
Major in Literature, Global Cultural Studies

My name is David, I'm a senior from Naples, Florida. I'm a Literature (Global Cultural Studies) major and a member of Duke's varsity fencing team. I am also the current Music Director at WXDU, Duke's campus radio station, as well as an employee at Duke Coffeehouse, where I work as a barista and help run sound for shows. I play a few instruments and love to experiment with home recording in my spare time.

Favorite Class: A graduate special topics class (LIT 690S) titled "Ouxpo's Experimental Aesthetic," co-taught by Anne Garreta and Scott Lindroth. The course made fascinating connections between music and literature, largely based around the experimental compositional strategies of the Oulipo, a French literary group (Professor Garreta is a member!). I loved analyzing works of music alongside and in context with trends in literature, highlighting innovative approaches across both disciplines. It also offered helpful insight into the creative process, giving me lots of ideas to employ in my own work as a musician and writer.