Artist Talk: Daniel Shea with Walter Benn Michaels

Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 7:00pm

Nasher Museum of Art Auditorium

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Photography and the Uncertainty of the PresentThis series brings together practicing artists, scholars and curators to discuss the radical potential of photography to illuminate the condition of the present, focusing on the camera's ability to represent built environments and their relationship to historical logics of accumulation.The events consist of a 45-minute artist's talk, followed by a 45-minute lecture with the photographers' respective critic.Event DetailsDaniel Shea with Walter Benn MichaelsNovember 14, 7-9 PM, Nasher Museum AuditoriumDaniel Shea's genre-defying work-drawing on photography, architecture, sculpture, illustration-explores the question of how we can feel an inexorable desire towards the very things that we most vehemently oppose. His work has been exhibited at institutions and galleries in New York, Chicago London, Amsterdam and numerous other locations around the world. He has published three monographs, including 43-35 10th Street (Kodoji Press, 2018). Walter Benn Michaels is Professor of English and Interim Dean of the College of Architecture at the University of Illinois, Chicago. has long challenged the common sense of academic disciplines. Michael's most recent book, The Beauty of a Social Problem, argues for the primacy of interpretation and meaning over experience. His insistence on the autonomy of the work of art carries political stakes that allow us to imagine alternatives to the problems of the present.

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