Duke on Gender - The Concept of Care

Friday, January 24, 2020 - 11:30am

East Duke Parlors

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Yolanda Y. Wilson and Jocelyn Olcott

This panel debates the concept of care - the vast amount of laboring and affective labor - gendered and racialized - that exists (often simultaneously) in varying states of commodification and non-commodification and whose consistent performance is indispensable for survival. This care labor includes social and non-social practices, for example care for the environment and culture. Presenter: Yolanda Y. WilsonDepartment of Philosophy, Howard University and 2019-2020 National Humanities Center FellowPresenter: Jocelyn OlcottDepartment of History, International Comparative Studies, and Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Duke University

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Wynmor, Julie