Literature Course Among Fall “Transformative Ideas” Offerings

students in classroom

A new program for Duke sophomores – which launched earlier this year – will include a Literature course this fall: “The Problem of Love” (LIT 205).

The course is part of the new “Transformative Ideas” program that is designed to promote open and civil cross-disciplinary dialogue on questions and big ideas that change lives, link cultures and shape societies around the world.

“The Problem of Love” – taught by Martin Eisner of Romance Studies – analyzes censored editions and translations of Boccacio’s Deameron to understand the political consequences of Boccaccio’s revolutionary stories whose attention to body, desire, language, gender, cultural difference, and freedom shaped social thought from Machiavelli to Pasolini, and continues to provoke new ideas about the problems of love today. The course is cross-listed with Italian (ITALIAN 225) and Romance Studies (ROMST 205).

To learn more about the “Transformative Ideas” program and view other courses offered, visit the Trinity College website.