Renee Ragin

Renee Ragin


Fellowships, Supported Research, & Other Grants

Duke Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Network (D-SIGN) grant awarded by Duke University Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies (2017 to 2018)

Foreign Language and Area Studies Summer Grant awarded by US Department of Education (2015)

Dean's Graduate Fellowship awarded by Duke University (2014 to 2018)

Ragin, R. “Feminism and Avant-Garde Aesthetics in the Levantine Novel, by Kifah Hanna.” Journal of Middle East Women’S Studies, vol. 15, no. 1, Duke University Press, Mar. 2019. Open Access Copy

Ragin, R. “Film Review: L’Insulte (The Insult).” International Journal of Genocide Studies and Prevention, vol. 12, no. 2, Oct. 2018, pp. 203–05. Open Access Copy