Roberto Maria Dainotto

Roberto Maria Dainotto

Professor of Literature

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217A Language Center, Box 90257, Durham, NC 27708
Internal office address: 
Box 90257, Durham, NC 27708-0257
Office Hours: 
TH 3:00-4:30pm, or by appointment

Modern and contemporary Italian culture. Publications include Place in Literature: Regions, Cultures, Communities (Cornell UP, 2000); Europe (in Theory) (Duke UP, 2007); The Mafia: A Cultural History (Reaction Books, 2015);  and the edited volume Racconti Americani del ‘900 (Einaudi, 1999). Work in progress: a monograph on Antonio Labriola.


  • Ph.D., New York University 1995
  • M.A., New York University 1990

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