Program Alumni

Ph.D. Position Employer


Melody Jue Assistant Professor University of California, Santa Barbara (English)


Leah Allen Visiting Assistant Professor Grinnel College (Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies)
Zachary Blas Lecturer Goldsmith's University of London (Visual Cultures)
Abigail Langston Public Fellow American Council of Learned Societies
Clarissa Ai Ling Lee Postdoctoral Associate National University of Malaysia, Bangi
China Medel Assistant Professor University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (Communications)


Elisabeth Bell Adjunct Professor Early College of Arvada
Rizvana Braxton Assistant Professor Emory University (Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies)


Sara Appel Assistant Professor Marquette University (English)
Gerard Canavan Assistant Professor University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez (Humanities)
Abraham Graham Assistant Professor University of Amsterdam (Film Studies)
KaMan Calvin Hui Assistant Professor William and Mary (Chinese Studies)
Allen Riddell Postdoctoral Fellow Dartmouth, Neukom Institute


Justin Izzo Assistant Professor Brown University (French Studies)


Luka Arsenjuk Assistant Professor University of Maryland (Languages, Literatures & Cultures)
Bulent Eken Lecturer Kadir Has University (Communication Design)
Hongsheng Jiang Associate Professor Peking University (Chinese)
Michelle Koerner Lecturer University of California Berkeley (French)
Kinohi Nishikawa Assistant Professor Princeton University (English)
Firat Oruc Assistant Professor Georgetown University (English)
Jennifer Rhee Assistant Professor Virginia Commonwealth University (English)
Shilyh Warren Assistant Professor University of Texas Dallas (Film Studies)
Corina Stan Assistant Professor Duke University (English)


Nicholas Baumbach Assistant Professor Columbia University (Film Studies)
Russell Leo Assistant Professor Princeton University (English)
Alvaro Reyes Assistant Professor University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (Geography)
Alexander Ruch Postdoctoral Associate Tulane University


Courtney Baker Associate Professor Connecticut College (English)
Heather Pilatic Strategic Communications  Pesticide Action Network North America
Teresa Shewry Associate Professor University of California Santa Barbara (English)


Kristin Bergen Assistant Professor Howard University (English)
Magdalena Ostas Assistant Professor Boston University (English)
Rachel Price Associate Professor Princeton University (Spanish and Portuguese)
Juan Carlos Rodriguez Associate Professor Georgia Tech (Spanish)
Abigail Salerno Adjunct Instructor Southern Connecticut State University (English)


Arnal Dayaratna Management Consulting
Mike Ennis Lecturing Fellow Duke University Thompson Writing Program
Erica Edwards Associate Professor University of California Riverside (English
Nayeli Garci-Crespo Technical Writer VivaHub, Sound Pure LLC
Jini Watson Associate Professor New York University (English)
Matthew Wilkins Assistant Professor University of Notre Dame (English)


Jack Draper Associate Professor University of Missouri (Romance Languages and Literature)
Li-Li Hsieh Assistant Professor National Central University (English)
Julie Kim Assistant Professor Fordham University (English)
Mendi Obadike Assistant Professor Pratt (Humanities and Media Studies)
Alanna Thain Associate Professor McGill University (English)
Pavla Vesela Senior Lecturer Charles University (American Studies and Literature)


Amy Carroll Assistant Professor University of Michigan (English Languages & Literature)
Aisha Karim Assistant Professor Saint Xavier University (English and Foreign Languages)
Desiree Martin Associate Professor University of California Davis (English)
David Woodard Policy Analyst Ontario Ministry of Social Services


Kristen Barnes Associate Professor University of Akron School of Law
Jon Beasley-Murray Associate Professor University of British Columbia (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Jessica Blaustein Lecturer The New School for Public Engagement
Fabio Durao Professor Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Modernist Literature)
Elizabeth LaMaccia Attorney Ransmeier & Spellman P.C. Attorneys at Law
Yiman Wang Associate Professor University of California Santa Cruz (Film & Digital Media)
Min Wu Professor University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (English)


Jason Middleton Associate Professor University of Rochester (Visual & Cultural Studies)
Danapalan Pillay Policy Advisor British Government (Culture, Media and Sports)
Ilka Saal Professor Universitat Erfurt (American Literature)
Megan Sweeney Associate Professor University of Michigan (English Language & Literature)


Teresa Chung Assistant Professor Harper College (English)
David Freeman Research Director Common Sense Foundation
Amy Frykholm Associate Editor The Christian Century
Alexander Galloway Professor New York University (Media, Culture and Communication)
Alejandro Manara Professor Universidad de Belgrano
Norbert Schurer Professor California State University Long Beach (English)
Christian Thorne Associate Professor Williams College (English)


Roger Bebe Associate Professor Ohio State University (Art)
Susan Brook Associate Professor Simon Fraser University
Ulrik Ekman Associate Professor University of Copenhagen (Arts and Cultural Studies)
Natania Meeker Associate Professor University of Southern California (French and Comparative Literature)
James Penney Assistant Professor Trent University (Cultural Studies) 
Vivasvan Soni Associate Professor Northwestern University (English)
Christina Tourino Associate Professor Saint John’s University (English)


Nicholas Brown Associate Professor University of Illinois at Chicago (African American Studies & English)
Jennifer Doyle Professor University of California, Riverside (English)
Ted Friedman Associate Professor Georgia State University (Communications)
Gregory Hampton Associate Professor Howard University (English)
Svetlana Mintcheva Programs Director National Coalition Against Censorship
John Murnigham Assistant Professor University of the Arts (Communications)
Lily Phillipis Assistant Professor John Carroll University (English)
Gillian Silverman Associate Professor University of Colorado at Denver (English)
Lucia Suarez Associate Professor Amherst College (European Studies, Spanish)


Alden Bumstead Communications Director Cure Alliance for Mental Illness
Maude Hines Associate Professor Portland State University (English) 
Zilkia Janer Professor Hofstra University (Global Studies and Geography) 
Matthew Lazen Director of Studies Butler College
Jennifer Parchesky Professor Arizona State University (English) 
Imre Szeman Research Chair University of Alberta (English & Film Studies)
Johannes Von Moltke Professor University of Michigan (German)


Sara Danius Professor Södertörn University (Literature and Aesthetics)
Marcus Embry Professor/Chair University of Northern Colorado (English) 
Christopher Harlos Assistant Professor North Carolina State University (Communications) 
Daniel Itzhovitz Professor Stonehill College (English)
Stefan Jonsson Professor Linköping University (Social and Welfare Studies)
Joseph Karaganis Vice President The American Assembly, Columbia University
Eleanor Kaufman Professor University of California Los Angeles (Comparative Literature)
Erin Smith Associate Professor University of Texas at Dallas (American Studies) 


John Cunningham Teacher The Lawrenceville School (English)
Jonathan Flatley Associate Professor Wayne State University (English)
Rosanne Kennedy Associate Professor Australian National University (Gender, Sex & Culture) 
David Moore Associate Professor Macalester College (International Studies & English)
Neferti Tadiar Professor Banard College (Gender and Sexuality Studies)


Elise-Noel McMahon Freelance Writer
José Esteban Muñoz Professor New York University (Performance Studies) 
Faith Smith Associate Professor Brandeis University (Afro-American Studies and English) 
Robert Talbot Adjunct Faculty University of Massachusetts Lowell (English)
Silvia Tandeciarz Associate Professor William and Mary (Hispanic Studies)
Xu-Dong Zhang Professor New York University (East Asian Studies & Comparative Lit)


Jonathan Beller Professor Pratt Institute (Media Studies)
Cesare Casarino Professor University of Minnesota (Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature)
Samira Kawash Professor Emerita Rutgers University (Women’s and Gender Studies)
Christopher Pavsek Associate Professor Simon Fraser University (Film) 
Sara Poor Associate Professor Princeton University (German)
Robert Seguin Assistant Professor Hartwick College (English)


Lloyd Davies Professor Western Kentucky University (English)
Saree Makdisi Professor University of California Los Angeles (English)
Yael Schlick Professor Queens University (English Language and Literature) 
Michael Speaks Professor/Dean Syracuse University, School of Architecture 
Phillip Wegner Professor University of Florida (English)
Jane Winston Assoiate Professor Northwestern University (French and Gender Studies)


Deborah Chay Director  Schaffer and Combs, LLC 
Susan Hegeman Professor University of Florida (English) 
Thomas Scanlan Associate Professor Ohio University (English)
Barbara Will Professor Dartmouth (English)


Santiago Colas Associate Professor University of Michigan (Arts and Ideas in the Humanities)
Richard Dienst Associate Professor Rutgers University (English)
Jamie Hysjulien Teacher Carolina Friends School (Language Arts and Social Studies)
Henry Schwarz Professor Georgetown University (English)
Xiaobing Tang Professor University of Michigan (Modern Chinese Studies and Comparative Lit)
Naomi Wood Professor Kansas State University (English) 


Barbara Ching Professor Iowa State University (English)
Matthew Hearn Professor David Lipscomb University (English)