Collective Statement on Climate, Conduct, and Values

To fulfill the educational, research, and professional mission of the Program in Literature, we uphold the present “Collective Statement on Climate, Values, & Conduct,” which has been written in the spirit of respect, support, inclusion, accountability, and transparency.

Below, we share departmental and university-wide values and expectations of conduct based on which we hold ourselves accountable as students, researchers, educators, and administrators, and through which we aspire to do our work and support each other respectfully and professionally. We stand firmly committed to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we agree to create an environment that actively supports the humanity, dignity, and safety of our students, our staff, and our faculty. This Statement is expressly intended to support members of our community in their navigation of situations that can arise in academic departments. Accordingly, it does not address many situations that might be covered by Faculty Handbook policies, Duke Human Resources regulations, or the legal system.

To this end, our collective commitments regarding departmental values and conduct are outlined below. This is a working document that we will revisit each year to remind ourselves of the commitments outlined here, but also with the intent of updating these based on feedback and guidance from our community members.

Collective Statement on Climate, Values and Conduct