Last month, scholars from across the United States, Haiti and Romania gathered on Duke’s campus to celebrate the career of Walter Mignolo, the William Hane Wannamaker Distinguished Professor of Romance Studies, Literature and Cultural Anthropology. During more than 30 years at Duke, Mignolo became a leading theorist of the connections between modernity and the colonial system. In over a dozen acclaimed books, including “The Darker Side of the Renaissance,” “Local Histories/Global Designs” and 2021’s “The Politics of… read more about Walter Mignolo Retires After 30 Years as Leading Theorist of Decoloniality »

“There’s a particular tradition in the history of philosophy of science that doesn’t just ask what people said and thought in the past, but why they were incited to speak and think one way rather than another,” said Nima Bassiri. This is the question that Bassiri, assistant professor of Literature and codirector of Duke’s Institute for Critical Theory, examines in his book Madness and Enterprise: Psychiatry, Economic Reason, and the Emergence of Pathological Value, released earlier this year by the… read more about Does Madness Pay? Nima Bassiri Explores Madness and Enterprise »

Spring’s crop of books from Duke authors includes a history of grievance in the United States, an up-close look at the camaraderie at Durham Bulls games, and a guide on understanding sex and gender. Below is a roundup of some of the most recent and upcoming published titles. Many of the books, including new editions of previous titles, can be found on the “Duke Authors” display shelves near the circulation desk in Perkins Library. Some are available as e-books for quick download. Most can also be purchased through the… read more about Spring Books in Duke Authors: Meditations, Baseball, Rebels and Stomach Pains »

Fredric Jameson, who has been a professor at Duke since 1985, was the founder of the Literature Program and served as its director for decades. He has published dozens of widely influential books and been awarded several prestigious international prizes. I want to focus here on his 1991 book, “Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism,” because it offers an introductory view on the extraordinary breadth of his vision, the originality of his analyses and the impact of his work. In the 1980s and 90s,… read more about From LA Hotels to Economic Theory, Fredric Jameson’s Multifaceted Analysis of the Present  »

Assistant Professor in the Program of Literature Christina León joins the Duke faculty this year. (John West/Trinity Communications) “It’s okay not to have all the answers,” Christina A. León confides.  The assistant professor in the Program of Literature came to this realization as a first-year student at the University of Florida. “After graduating from a rather dogmatic Catholic high school, it was somewhat liberating as an undergrad when I didn’t need to provide… read more about In Caribbean Literature, Christina León Stays with Questions »

Assistant Professor of Literature Maya Kronfeld joins the Duke faculty this year. (Shaun King/Trinity Communications) Maya Kronfeld is truly a product of her environment.  The assistant professor in the Program of Literature grew up in Berkeley, California, with parents firmly rooted in academia, activism and music. Her mother, a professor of Middle Eastern languages and cultures who also translates Hebrew poetry, instilled an appreciation of verbal art that became a locus of… read more about Maya Kronfeld: Literature, Philosophy and All That Jazz »

As the annual spring dance between fauna and flora plays out across campus each spring, the Dance Program prepares for a concert of its own: ChoreoLab. The annual performance showcases original works from both Dance faculty and Duke students. “This annual concert series provides an excellent opportunity to present and experiment with new choreography while introducing students to the behind-the-scenes mechanics of a concert performance,” explains Professor Michael Kliën. “We’re always excited to see the… read more about Dance Provides Ph.D. in Literature Student Space to Grow as an Artist and Scholar »