Undergraduate Programs

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Our major and minor in Global Cultural Studies will engage you in investigating the life and culture of today's interconnected, globalized world. Our curriculum explores the humanities as the source of a distinct kind of knowledge that is essential for understanding and engaging the complexities of the contemporary social environment. Courses in literary studies, critical theory, gender studies and queer theory, philosophy, political theory, film, visual culture, and new media form the foundation for such inquiry. With its distribution of courses across three domains of inquiry - Experience, Interpretation, Medium - the Global Cultural Studies programs aim to provide you with the broad knowledge base and analytical skills that will prepare you for leadership roles in the 21st century. Graduates of the major have gone on to shape unique career trajectories in law, medicine, public policy, teaching, journalism, publishing, and the creative cultural industries, as well as to pursue graduate study at top programs in the humanities.

Film & Media Concentration

We also offer a concentration in Film and Media as part of the Global Cultural Studies major. Graduates with this concentration will gain the necessary skills for a wide range of careers, including work in the cinema and media industries, the commercial cinema and the film festival circuit, cultural and governmental organizations (in the fields of the arts, communication, conservation, heritage, etc.), specialized and online publishing and journalism, and the creative arts. The concentration will also prepare you for highly competitive graduate programs in film and media studies for a continued academic career in the discipline.