Undergraduate Programs

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The Global Cultural Studies major in the Program in Literature teaches its students to understand and appreciate how culture produces experience, value, and meaning. Drawing from disciplines across the humanities, we train students in modes of analysis aimed at analyzing and historicizing the social, ethical, and political problems of our time. Our faculty work comparatively in and across different cultural contexts, diverse geographical and geopolitical locations, and distinct media forms to offer courses in seven general areas:

  • critical and social theory and the history of philosophy
  • modern literature and contemporary theories and philosophies of language and literature
  • visual culture, global cinema and film theory, the internet and media studies in the digital age
  • political and decolonial theory, Marxism, poststructuralism and postcolonial studies
  • psychoanalysis, science studies, cognitive neuroscience, and the history of psychiatry
  • comparative race studies in a transnational frame
  • feminism, gender, queer and trans- theory, and sexuality studies.

The broad scope of our program provides students with the knowledge base and analytical skills needed for participation as responsible global citizens in today’s (and tomorrow’s) world. Our graduates have gone on to careers in law, medicine, information technology, public policy, teaching, academic administration, journalism, publishing, and the creative cultural industries.

Film & Media Concentration

We also offer a Concentration in Film and Media, providing students the opportunity to pursue a flexible curriculum in global cultural studies with a focus on film and media topics and objects.  Graduates with this concentration will gain the necessary skills for a wide range of careers, including work in the cinema and media industries, the commercial cinema and the film festival circuit, cultural and governmental organizations (in the fields of the arts, communication, conservation, heritage, etc.), specialized and online publishing and journalism, and the creative arts. The concentration will also prepare you for highly competitive graduate programs in film and media studies for a continued academic career in the discipline.