Film & Media Concentration

The Literature Program is home to a number of leading scholars in the field of technical media, who address the very idea of the “medium” as a complex dynamic construct that has allowed for both new experiences and new creative and social possibilities. The Film and Media concentration offers you the opportunity to study media in all of its complexity – as a social, technical, historical, and industrial process of communication that is central to the processes of modernization and globalization. This concentration provides an interdisciplinary framework for the critical study of visual, aural, and tactile media central to global culture today.

Requirements for the “Film and Media” Concentration

10 Courses

  • LIT201 Intro to Global Cultural Studies
  • LIT 301S Theory Today: Introduction to the Study of Literature
  • LIT316S Film Theory OR LIT317 Media Theory
    • Please note that LIT 316 or LIT 317 must be taught by faculty with primary, secondary, or joint appointments in Literature.
  • 7 additional courses
    • 3 film/media courses taught by faculty who have appointments in Literature
    • 3 electives from humanities fields, with DUS review and  approval
    • Senior culminating experience completed in the senior year in one of the following three formats. The instructor/supervisor of the course/project chosen from the three options below must be faculty with a primary, secondary, or joint appointment in Literature.
      • LIT 393 Research Independent Study, producing a significant research paper of 15-20 pages subject to review by both the study supervisor and DUS, OR
      • Graduate-level Course Numbered 500-699, OR
      • Completed Honors Thesis Track, including both completed seminars LIT 495 and LIT 496, along with a successful panel-reviewed defense

*Only courses taught by core faculty who have primary, secondary, or joint appointments in Literature will count toward our Major, Minor, or Film and Media Concentration, unless DUS approved.

ALL courses MUST have a letter grade to count toward any major/minor requirements in our program.