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A Message from The Program Officers

Dear graduates of the Global Cultural Studies Major and the Program in Literature:

Our heartiest congratulations on the successful completion of your studies during the COVID-19 global crisis. Watching each of you grow in intellect, imagination, and critical sophistication has been our absolute pride and joy, and we are confident that what you have achieved here is only the beginning of a lifelong process of learning, one that will take you to exciting, if as-yet unknown, destinations. Wherever you are, remember that you have each contributed to the distinction of our major and doctoral program, and that you will always be a precious part of our community, your home. Go forth with curiosity, courage, and fortitude, and live well in good health!

With the warmest blessings on behalf of all Literature faculty, staff, and students,

Rey Chow (Interim Program Director)
Antonio Viego (Director of Undergraduate Studies)
Markos Hadjioannou (Director of Graduate Studies)
Mark Hansen (Program Director)

The Program in Literature Ph.D.

Xuenan Cao

Dissertation: "'Chinese Whispers?' The 'China' that Disappears from Lossy Communications"

Jessica Gokhberg

Dissertation: "Doktor Zhivago's Cold War"

The Global Cultural Studies Major of the Program in Literature

Arlene Ivette Arevalo
  • First Major
Lindsay Cecile Campbell
  • First Major
  • Highest Distinction – Thesis: “The Home in Tech-Lash Discourse: Privacy, Whiteness, and the Liberal Subject"; Professor Luciana Parisi (Thesis Advisor)
Fella Sarah Derris
  • First Major
  • Film and Media Concentration
Spencer Lacey Ganus
  • First Major
Omolola Sanusi
  • First Major
  • Film and Media Concentration
  • High Distinction - Thesis: "The Eating Duke Student: An Ideological Reflection on the Narrative of Self-creation Within a Western 21st Century Private University – Duke University"; Professor Ranjana Khanna (Thesis Advisor)
Alizeh Myra Sheikh
  • Second Major

Program II in Scientific Representation

Caroline Petronis
  • Highest Distinction – Thesis: “Blurring Contagion in the Information Age: How COVID-19 Troubles the Boundaries of the Biomedical and Socioinformatic”; Professor Nima Bassiri (Thesis Advisor)

The Global Cultural Studies Minor of the Program in Literature

Brian Howard Glucksman